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bottle and natural cork

Do your bottle and natural corks match?

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calculation of the filling level

Calculation of the filling level

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Influence of temperature increases

Influence of temperature increases

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Sensors Photo

Information about the sensory qualities of TOP and PLUS corks, with recommendations for their application. Sensory Quality

Lynx Photo

When uncorking a good bottle of wine, have you ever wondered where this unique material came from? From the Cork Oak to Cork.

Bottle Neck Diagram

Find out the most important physical relationships in corking. Natural Cork Correctly Corked


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Testing your cork’s sensory quality: Description, assessment criteria and background information on "sniffing" corks and detection of off-flavors. Sensory Testing

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The correct use of natural wine corks is key to their effectiveness. For general information about the correct use and storage of natural wine corks. Handling Instructions for Natural Corks

Cork Print Visual

Tips and tricks for the design of cork surfaces, for the successful advertising of your brand with a printed cork. We give your advertising a push.


Abb. 6: Type of closure depending on the negative characteristics of the wine

We thank Mr. Bleile and Fachverlag Dr. Fraund GmbH for kindly allowing us to use this chart.

Did you know:

"A negative impact of certain bottle closures can not be determined, so the choice of closures can still be done freely and according to marketing or oenological aspects."

Quote: Benedikt Bleile, DLG food testing center

Source: The German Wine Magazine, publisher Fachverlang Dr. Fraund, issue 26.09.2015:

“Trends in Aluminum, Cork, Glass and Co. Closures at the Federal Wine Awards”